The world around us is a playground. When it comes to graphic design, I tend to see it more as an endless source of inspiration. Every single project that I work on strives for graphic precision, but also and more importantly for organic relevance. If entirely disconnected from our realm of preceptions and experiences, no project will ever find their target.

Victor et les Mousquetaires

About Dream Castle Hotel:
Dream Castle is a four star hotel conveniently located 10 minutes away from Disneyland Paris. Managed by Vienna International, this high end hotel strives to offer every customer a one-of-a-kind experience during their stay. From conference rooms to haute cuisine and spas, the Dream Castle Hotel will accommodate families during their holiday at the Happiest Place on Earth, as well as people looking for a relaxing getaway, and business people.

The Project:
As part of their "Family Fun" program, the Dream Castle entertainment team regularly launches new themed shows for their younger visitors and their family. The show launched on Summer 2015 was called "Victor - the brave musketeer" (Victor et les Mousquetaires). I was contacted by the Dream Castle Hotel new artistic director, and hired to work on the design of the show's official logo and official banner. (source)

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Terre de Goût

About Terre de Goût:
Terre de Goût is an up-and-coming association based in the South of France, that strives for regional excellence in the realm of haute cuisine. Believing that a partnership between local producers and chefs must exist for French cuisine to develop more proactively and sustainbaly in our modern world, Terre de Goût sponsors artistic performances and provides a platform for professionals to meet, discus, and partner.

The Project:
Terre de Goût reached out to me on February 2015 to design their official logo. Their vision was for the logo to simplistically represent the partnership between local producers and French chefs. I proposed a circular logo around which two hands — representing the two métiers at each end of the production chain— would combine their savoir-faire, represented by brown seeds and white grains of salt, to create a harmonious balance.

The Design

Capucine: Forest Explorer

About Childrens Happy Ness:
Childrens Happy Ness is an association based in Paris, France, that proposes unique themed children parties. Based on the fantastic universe created by Sébastien Evrard, head of the organisation, each themed event takes its participants into a world where fairies and magical creatures introduce them to ways of dealing with issues children might be faced with in their daily life (handycap, sustainability, fear of the unknown...). (official website)

The Project:
Childrens Happy Ness reached out to me on January 2015 to design 53 badges along with the official logo of their April 2015 themed event, entitled "Capucine Forest Explorer". The badges were to be tokens that each participant of the event would win as they learned a new skill or piece of knowledge during their journey into Capucine's world. Following the association's directives, I proposed a very organic, photographic, and colored palette for the 53 badges. The Logo "Capucine Forest Explorer" was designed and adapted from the sketch provided by the association.

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iPhone® cases — Disney's Brave (unpaid)

About the cases:
Unable to find the right case for my IPhone, I decided to create my own. Using online copyrighted, free, and personal images, I created a unique design for my own case. A few months later, an acquiantance asked me to design a similar suitcase with Merida, the main character of the 2012 Disney blockbuster "Brave".

The Design

Gym Passion

About Gym Passion:
Gym Passion is a fitness center based in Miramas, France (13).

The Project:
On May 2013, Gym Passion hosted its annual open-door day. Already freelancing as a social media consultant for this local business, I offered my service to design the promotional poster for the event. Using professional pictures from an online photo database, I developped an eye-catching poster that would distance itself from mass-produced fitness posters whilst respecting the primary raison d'être of Gym Passion as a business. The color palette was dictated by the official colors of Gym Passion that then-current members associated with the business brand.

The Design

SSDPP's Year Book

About the School of Social Development and Public Policy (SSDPP):
SSDPP was founded in September 2008. It was originally the Institute of Social Development and Public Policy (ISDPP), first established in 1999. The school integrates knowledge and academic strength from various disciplines among the social sciences, with a focus on empirical research and the implications of public policy, and pursues collaboration with the public sector, including governmental as well as academic exchange with both domestic and international institutions. (source)

The Project:
A student of the first interational cohort of graduate students at SSDPP, I was contacted by the school's administration on December 2013 to develop and design the first official year book for their Master's Program Contemporary Development of China, which I was enrolled in. I developped the yearbook around the theme "one world, one family." Deeply rooted within Chinese appreciation of the educational system, this theme allowed me to express how several countries got together for a year and a half and learned, through various activities, to overcome their differences and become one.

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About IDPPA:
The International Development and Public Policy Alliance (IDPPA) is a global network for scholars, practitioners as well as graduate students in the relevant field to present their progresses in their research/work and share resources in an effort to excel (source)

The Project:
On December 2012, I was contacted by the Beijing Normal University School of Social Development and Social Policy —one of the members of the IDPPA— to design the logo for this new organisation. The design was to be simplistic enough to fit into any document (brief, annual report, Powerpoint or Keynote presentation, email etc) and had to provide IDPPA with a strong of visual identity. The symbol of the flying arrow was adopted after consultation with my main interlocutor, and it was agreed that the arrow itself had to remain flat enough that it would not outpower the title of the organisation. The color palette was chosen for its versatility and BnW-readiness

The Design

北师大 Through Our Eyes

About BNU China Institute for Social Responsability (CISR):
CISR is a research institute at Beijing Normal University (China) that focuses its research and actions on Corporate Social Responsability. As an intern there, I was given the chance to join an international team to work on a key project that the institute had launched at the occasion of Beijing Normal University's 110th anniversary.

The Project:
For Beijing Normal University's 110th anniversary, CISR decided to publish a book that would present to the world the impact that BNU, as a Chinese academic institution, had on its international students, faculty, and staff. Recruited as the official graphic designer for the project, I also joined the editing and translating team (Chinese to English).
The design I came up with was profoundly dictated by the deep-rooted aesthetic and visual identity of BNU, while epurated to become the various cultures and backgrounds that the book was about to represent.
a fervent advocate for sustainable development, I pleaded for a sustainable approach to publishing; which resulted on the book being printed on eco-firendly paper and with eco-friendly ink.

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