Still World Design (SWD) was created in 2013 when I became a freelance graphic designer in France. After three years working on design projects in Ireland and China, and having successfully graduated from my second master's program in China, I decided time had come to start a freelance business, so I could put my self-acquired skills and creativity to the service of small businesses. The main drive behind this decision was to keep myself busy in a meaningful way whilst looking for a job that I deemed more in line with my personal and professional aspirations. To date, Still World Design has allowed me to work on meaningful and extremely creative projects and will, I hope, take me on many other design adventures in the years to come.

The Story Behind the Name
Originally a sub-section of my former website Still World 静世界, SWD is now its own entity. The name Still World came to me in my early years of web design. I wanted to launch a website that would allow me to showcase my self-acquired design skills on the web, whilst sharing my experience (in English, French, and Mandarin Chinese) of the various countries I was studying in. I suppose some would call it a blog, but to me Still World 静世界 was an extension of myself; a platform where I was allowed anything as long as it was properly presented and translated. With time, Still World 静世界 became too time-consuming, and somehow lost of its appeal as I was able to put my hands on bigger and more far-reaching design projects. In 2013, when I registered myself as a freelance graphic designer, the name was simplified to Still World Design.
"Still World" makes reference to the flawless and awe-inspiring immutability of our world. Despite our perception of time, the chaos of our cities, and the ephemerality of our passions, our surrounding world remains unchanged; constant. And in this timely stillness, this succession of mirroring seasons and states, lies a beauty that inspires my work. Every piece that I produce is indeed imbued with an empirical and personal memory; a cloud, a leaf…. an organic element that taught me how to turn my thoughts into something concrete.

About SWD's Logo
The logo I designed for Still World 静世界 was mimicking the prevalent web standards at the time. Trapped in a rounded square, the two initials of the title stood there, proud identity of this e-space of creativity and wander.
When I came back from China, I decided to alter the logo and make it more abstract. I wanted an organic design that would encompass both the name of my web site, and the essence of my aesthetic. I settled for a logo that used the four elements (water, fire, air, earth) to paint the character "思"—which is the first character of my Chinese name. In so, I exposed my commitment to organic and simplistic design, whilst capturing the internationality of my experience as a graphic designer.
When I moved to London, in 2015, I realised that this logo had to be revamped. Keeping the same concept, I developed a more refined, layered, and visually compelling logo.
SWD's current blazon represents the four elements (water, fire, air, earth) combining together to draw the character "思", but also the acronym SWD. The water element draws and S which, when combined with fire and earth create a D, and all of them are connected by a W-shaped thread of spiralling air.


Still World Design's Purpose
Graphic design is not my main occupation, and neither do I wish for it to become my main source of income for now. It is something I do out of passion; to express myself and design the world around me the way I want it to be. Currently living in London, I hope to find projects that will enable me to put my skills and passion to good use.


Still World Design refers to the Freelance Graphic Design Entity (auto-entreprise) represented by Silvio Ghiglione. Unless stated otherwise here-below, every single graphic item of this website were created and designed by Silvio Ghiglione for Still World Design. Usage of said elements for any purpose other than the promotion of Still World Design is strictly prohibited.
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